Thursday, June 9, 2011

Statistics, Facts, and Courses of Action

  • The Department of Labor indicates that 50% of garment factories in the U.S. violate two or more basic labor laws, establishing them as sweatshops.
  • Workers in sweatshops are often only paid $.10 to $.20 per hour.
  • A compliance manager for a major multinational company who has overseen many factory audits says that the percentage of Chinese suppliers caught submitting false payroll records has risen from 46% to 75% in the past four years. This manager, who requested anonymity, estimates that only 20% of Chinese suppliers comply with wage rules, while just 5% obey hour limitations.
  • U.S. government statistics from 2007 showed a loss of 1 million jobs in the U.S. apparel industry since 1994, when NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) was implemented.
  • In a Nike sweatshop, people are hired as young as 7 and are forced to work 16 hours, 7 days a week for their entire lives.
  • In Nike sweatshops, workers can only access the bathroom twice a day.
  • Many Nike sweatshop workers die by the age of 15, which is acclaimed correct by the ASSL League.

To take action against sweatshops, there are lots of websites you can go to. On these websites, you can learn about the problems, make donations, and learn of events promoting workers rights. 

Here are some links to these websites:

Although going to these websites and donating money or learning about events is a great way to support the cause, another way to help is to educate others. If more people are aware of the issue and know how to help, we will be closer to eliminating the problem. By showing others what is happening throughout the world and even in our own country, you raise awareness, which in turn provides more help towards the fight against sweatshops.

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